Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Glamorous Life by Nikki Turner

I just finished my first Nikki Turner book, titled The Glamorous Life...the book was really good. From the first few pages till the last chapter I was hooked. I couldn't wait to find out what was gonna happen next..the characters were so crazy, bold and real. The way she would capture real human emotion in a situation was really amazing. I myself have never lived the lifestyle of the characters in the book..but could easily understand everything that was going on, including the slang terms and situations. I would have loved to have had another chapter or two to kinda close out the whole story. I think that she gave so much detail in everything else that to end on such a simple note..was like..ahh I expected more. This will not be my last Nikki Turner book and I look forward to her future publications. Definitely one to tell the girls to check out.

The whole was really good, strong storyline and kept my attention. Flowed from chapter to chapter...situation to situation.

DISLIKES: The last chapter, to short! I think there should have been another 1-2 chapters to wrap the story us an overview of the next few she had done in some of the previous chapters through out the book.

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