Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vegas Virgin..

I recently took my 1st trip to Las Vegas!! I went with 3 of my girlfriends the week of Halloween to celebrate my birthday. I must admit, when we first got there everything was really BLAH. I was really tired and in serious need of food. I just was not impressed, I don't know what I expected..but it wasn't what I was seeing. I thought to myself..this will be one of those things that you do to say that you have done it..and move on. Once we got to our hotel..Planet Hollywood, my mood got a little better. The place is so nice. Its young, modern and Since the hotel is connected to the Miracle Mile Mall, we decided to head out and find somewhere to grab some food. We went to Blondies ..hence the name being our warning, we still went in..(sorry blonde's). BIG MISTAKE! Our server was the worse..she couldn't answer questions about the menu items and instead of asking someone she just made it up as she went. Of course that led to us not getting what we wanted. We had to hunt her down anytime we needed something and the manager on duty was just as dumb as the server. In the end all I could think was..we just spent 80 dollars for pop, bar food..(wings chicken finger fries moz sticks) and bad service ..are u serious!

Later we hit the strip and ended up crashing early..the 3 hr time difference had taken its toll. The next day we covered what I would have to say was an impressive amount of the strip..we saw a lot of the must see spots and enjoyed the 80 degree weather. Maybe it was the GREAT breakfast at Planet Dailies..a restaurant that's in Planet Hollywood that set the tone for the day. If I would suggest one place for people to dine at..this would be it. The portions were HUGE and the price was really reasonable. By now my spirits were high and I was enjoying Vegas. I began to see why people love this place. This also is the day I fell in love with the Fashion Show Mall. If I lived here that would be one of my weaknesses. While I found the Miracle Mile Mall a little disappointing..this bought my shopping hopes back up. That evening I entered a 5 min slot tournament, winning a hat and enjoyed playing the free slot money I got for spending my money. The dollar margaritas were the best (and I don't even like and the people watching was entertainment in itself! That night we hit Poetry Night Club in the Cesar Fourms. While waiting for the club to open I tried Gelato for the 1st time. VERY GOOD..while its expensive, @ 8 dollars for something that is smaller than a dollar sundae at McDonald' was well worth the splurge. Once we got in the club, we received champagne for ladies night and a pink glowing cup that entitled us to dollar drinks all night! Great deal for a 20 cover charge. We danced till 5 in the morning and the DJ was really good. I haven't had a great club night like that in a longgg time. If you love hip hop, R&B and rap..check it out.

On our last day..once we actually got went out on our own. I had to go back to the Fashion Show Mall and in doing so I meet a really cool guy along the way..He showed me another way to get to the mall (on the opposite side of the strip). While walking I discovered a bunch of things that I had not seen the day before, that was nice. I spent most of my last day in the mall & then headed back to the hotel. On my way back I stopped in Sephora where the kind sales associate did my makeup for my Halloween costume. Once in the hotel and dressed in my costume..all the fun really began. I felt like a kid again..everywhere I looked everyone was dressed up. It was so fun! Back home a lot of people are "to grown" for dressing up. In my eyes it takes away from Halloween if you don't dress up! duh! Ne-Who..I was cashing in my ticket from my slot winnings when I was approached by a promotional guy giving out wrist band to get into Prive..this was really great..because I had wanted to go to their Halloween party..but had changed my mind. There really was no reason not to go now! With my wrist band reading.."If you were this hot you would have one too" I knew I was in for a good I mean only a club at the top of their game would be so cocky! I walked the strip a little bit more and then headed back to the hotel for the party..I never thought I was going to get was soo many line and no hope! I saw Wee Man, while waiting in line, which was the highlight of my Vegas celebrity sighting. It was good enough for me tho..I think he is so cute and I really enjoyed him this summer on that celebrity circus show on NBC. Not wanting to seem star struck..I didn't take a picture. A few guys left the line and I slid up to the front..there I met 2 girls in line that were locals that became my new friends..they knew how to work their magic and in we went.

Once in the club it looked like something featured on E!. I have never been to a place with soo many ppl, sirens, lights, confetti and Bass..I don't think I was expecting I had a ball..but cut the party short. We were flying out at 6am meaning we needed to leave the hotel at 4am. As I was gathering all my things..I began to think about all the things I was suppose to do on this trip that didn't get done and all the things I didn't get to see. I decided at that moment that as soon as I got home I knew what I needed to do..Plan trip #2 to Vegas baby..


AnnaBanna said...

hey i needed this! meh and a couple of mah friends are going in april. think we're staying at the stratosphere though? anywho - what was the name of the club u were talking about?

Miss Starr said...

Hi! I tried to message you on myspace because I wasn't sure if you would see this..but for some reason the message wouldnt go through.

Poetry's located in the Forums at Cesars. It's above Wolf Gang Punk's resturant and kinda hard to find. If you have any other questions about Vegas feel free to ask me. Hope you have fun. I know I did ;)