Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Shopping- Finding that deal.

I'm sitting here watching Ray J's show laughing...this is a MESS (but still entertaining ;)!! They just went shopping @ Kitson. I love Kitson. Their shopping made me stop & think about what a great shopping day I had on Friday. I went to Man Alive and cleaned house. I bought a pair of House of Dereon jeans, Apple Bottom dress, LA Ink hoody and a Miami Ink thermal shirt for $30.30 & that was with tax! I couldn't help myself. I do feel bad tho. I told my boyfriend that once I got by True Religion jeans..I wouldn't buy anymore jeans. I bought them last Tues, oops! I did clean out my closet tho and gave my mom 2 trash bags of items to donate..so I feel like it balances out..a little bit :)

I've also been on a craft store spree. I love scrapbooking! Anyone who does this knows that it can get pretty expensive buying all the things you need, so when I find a deal..I stock up. My 1st trip was $16 something..which I felt wasn't bad. I got 2 albums and a few12x12 sheets. On my trip today..I got 3 sheets of stencil stickers, 1 pack of word stickers and 7 0r 8 12x12 sheets for $2.40 with tax! That's cheaper than a meal at McDonalds, lol. If that wasn't a steal I don't know what is!

Bottom line is..I love finding a great deal..it brings me joy. It's like my shopping high. There is nothing better than getting something for next to nothing...ooh wait yes there is FREE..lol.

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