Saturday, February 7, 2009

Introducing new drink of choice!

Last night we went out for my best friends birthday. We had a ball. While at the bar, I decided to try something new. I normally drink Malibu rum w/ pineapple, cranberry and a splash of OJ. My Caribbean's like kool-aid almost, making it good to sip on all night long and not be drunk or hungover the next day. But this was a birthday celebration for my bf..I needed to go hard, lol! I eyed the choices..Patron, Goose, all the usual liquor, blah..& then I saw the Nuvo!

Note: I know this isn't a NEW liquor. It's been on the market for a while now... but it's still new around these parts. Many bars/clubs that I go to don't carry it.

The Nuvo was pink and the bottle was cute so I had to try it. Best choice I could have made. It is so smooth and has a great taste. Our other friend must have agreed because she bought a bottle of it! I can't wait to have my next girlie get together to serve my new found fave drink. If you haven't tried it..please do the next time you go won't regret it!

PS. 4 shots and 2 Caribbean cooler's later.. No HANGOVER. A huge plus in my


~*Miss A*~ said...

I tried to read this the yesterday and couldn't! Weird! Nuvo, haven't seen this before, but now I'm interested. I'll have to check out my local liquor store to see if they have it! What does it taste like? Sweet or tart? It's pink, so I suspect sweet!

Oh um, stay away from Patron. A few weekends ago I thought that I was superwoman. This guy kept buying my friends and me silver & gold (mixed) Patron shots. I was completely belligerent after about 3 shots, I think I showed the bar my goodies (or at least the pics say I did), and I prayed for God to save me from myself the next morning. LOL

Miss Starr said...

Lmao..girl. I have been there before. I drank so much of it on the 4th of July that the smell alone now makes me gag! I took one shot a few months ago and my body let me know that if I EVER do that again..I will I know your pain.

It is sweet. It kinda has a fruity taste. I'll bet you will like it..there were 7 of us..all different drinking styles and we all liked it a lot. Let me know if u try it what u think about it.

Unbreakable said...

Yup that's a good drink, its bin ut for quite some time now, i see allot of guys drinking it too, so i know it must be good. I think girls like it more though. MISSA~ that's like in every store in NY Just come visit. or i will mail u some lol

Anonymous said...

How did you get the nuvo bottle opened? I bought a bottle but I can't get it opened.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: just smash it against your head. That will open the bottle *and* fix what ails you. Also, if you are at home you can make your own Nuvo with a lot of different choices. Just buy half decent vodka, half decent sparkling wine & some fruit nectar, & mix it to taste. Since you are mixing, you don;t need to buy the top of the line unless you want to.