Saturday, February 14, 2009

TJ WACK, I mean

I had to write this post because I thought this was the most ridiculous return policy I have ever heard of. You tell me what you think.

I bought $190 some dollars worth of items from TJ Maxx. I used a gift card as part of the payment. There was 30 something on it. $160 something on my bank card...good to go. No problem on that end.

I then decided to return 2 of the items..this is where the issue comes to These 2 things totaled around $77 dollars. As I was handed back my bank card..I was also given a gift card. I asked the lady..what is this gift card for? She informed me it was the gift card I had used. Now I am thinking in my mind.. I still spent over $30 some dollars, even with the return..why wouldn't this be applied towards that part of the purchase...and I get my money put back on my bank card in full for the returned items? That only made sense to me, so I explained this to her.

I then also asked her why would I pay the full amount, out of my pocket, for the items I am keeping when I have a store gift card that would take $30 something off my total? Her answer was that its their company policy to issue a gift card, whenever a gift card is used for payment regardless of the amount. If an item(s) is returned you will always get the gift card amount make sure you are buying something that you will not be returning! All I could think was..are you serious?

I was pissed! I had her void the whole transaction and give me the items back. I then the next day returned everything, bought back the items I wanted, used the $30 something on the gift card and told myself that will be my first and last TJ Maxx gift card..problem solved!


Ńique_ Famous* said...

Girl a lot of stores are stupid like that, I'm starting to boycott some of them. I also hate stores that give you a store credit when you purchased in cash or credit.

cute blog.


Miss Starr said...

YES, I'm with you on that one,lol!! Wetseal started that a few months ago. I hate it. It's bad enough that they won't give you 30 days to return something.. (I love shopping in advance for everything)but you are going to keep my money also..come on now!

Thank you!!